Travel Photography


From skyline shots to scenic vistas to neighborhood highlights, we have an extensive collection of photographs that are perfect to illustrate your travel project.

The Michelin Guide to Chicago is among the travel publications that use Artefaqs stock photography to illustrate its pages.

Our photos have been used in brochures, guidebooks, maps, web sites, and even mobile apps to help tourists around the world navigate unfamiliar territory and get the most out of their vacations.

Our high quality images are perfect for tourism agencies and visitors bureaus to steer undecided travelers — and their money — in the right direction.

The hotel industry is also embracing Artefaqs stock photography.

The internet has quickly become the number one tool for people looking for places to stay.  When someone lands on your web site, or your listing on a travel search engine, you only have seconds to make a good impression before they’re off to the next property.  We have photographs of hundreds of hotels from dozens of cities from London and Los Angeles to Pittsburgh and Peoria.

Check our online database to see if we have your hotel.

Have you renovated?  Then it’s time to update your photo package on your web site and on the travel search sites.  We can put together an affordable custom photography package that puts your property in its best light, inside and out.

Click here for more information about our custom photography.

And we’re not just for tourists.  With publishing budgets shrinking, regional and local magazines as well as airline in-flight magazines are turning to the Artefaqs stock photography collection to fill their pages with vibrant, compelling images at a fraction of that it would cost to shoot themselves.