Custom Photography

Artefaqs Corporation’s custom photography gives your company exclusive access to an entire library of digital images of your property.

Use some now for a fancy marketing campaign. Save some for later for when you need a few interior shots to woo a potential tenant. Upgrade your web site and fill out your media kit with images that put your property in its best light.  Always have the right photo on hand for establishing your brand and strengthening your image.

Hines REIT commissioned Artefaqs Corporation to do full custom property shoots of several of its skyscrapers in Chicago, Phoenix, and Richmond for its property marketing assets.

Custom photography has certain advantages over stock:

  • You control how the images are used
  • You control when the images are used
  • You control who uses the images
  • Unlike most photo shops, we transfer the copyrights to you

With our custom photography service, our discreet photographers will visit your property for between two and four days (weather permitting). Using unobtrusive equipment we shoot both the exterior and interior public areas of your building without getting in the way of your clients, tenants, or workers.

We then digitally develop and enhance the photographs to highlight your building’s best features.

Using digital manipulation we remove any recognizable people from the images, and optionally, any interior or exterior corporate logos and signage.

Your photos are then delivered in digitally over the internet, on DVDs, or on a hard drive ready for your artists, promotions department, or public relations agency to use.

Our rates are very competitive and include shooting, developing, manipulation, duplication, and delivery of your images. Prices are based on the distance to your location, the type and size of the building, the setting of the property, and the complexity of the shoot.


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