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Founded in 2006 as an architectural photography company, Artefaqs Corporation has expanded its range of services to include stock photography, travel photography, product photography, and even web development and consulting.

Chicago's New East Side

Artefaqs Corporation was founded in 2006 in Chicago, the birthplace of the skyscraper.

We provide high quality, affordable photography and related services to a number of different types of businesses including real estate developers, construction companies, factories, banks, travel guides, print and digital publishers, advertising and public relations agencies.

While there is no “typical” client for our photos, some common scenarios include:

  • Web designers in need of pictures of a client’s building for a new web site.
  • Real estate companies looking for outstanding pictures of key buildings to boost sales prospects.
  • Fortune 500 companies that need photographs of new offices for corporate reports and internal communication.
  • Public relations firms amassing digital assets for their clients.
  • Tour book publishers, convention and visitors’ bureaus in need of city and skyline pictures to promote tourism.
  • Newspapers and magazines that need images to accompany articles.
  • Publishers of textbooks, travel guides, maps, and other publications that need location-based photography.
We have helped hundreds of companies around the world improve their public image and sales prospects through the use of professional photography.  We offer very competitive rates for both stock and custom photography.  To see which is right for you, click one of these links:


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